Be sure to include some combination workouts in your workouts. For example, get on your bike
on your bike directly after a swim workout or go for a run after cycling for a few kilometres.
run. You’ll notice it feels completely different. The more often you do this,
the easier the transition to the new discipline will be.
Good preparation is half the battle! We want you to enjoy the 2nd Zurich City Triathlon
to the full and have fun. After all, we want to see you
we want to see you on the starting line again. That’s why we have a few tips & tricks for you here.
for you:

The 4th discipline, the transition area, also needs to be practised. The movements have to be right.
You will notice that tying a shoelace or closing a helmet with a pulse of 180
can suddenly become a challenge.

Only put the things you really need in the transition area. Put the things you need for cycling
you need for cycling so that you can access them directly. Look for
prominent points in the transition area (trees, flags, etc.) so that you can find your place directly.

Eat a balanced diet, increase your intake of carbohydrates and a little protein and fat in the days leading up to the race.
and fat in the days leading up to the race and avoid hard-to-digest foods.
hard-to-digest foods. Drinking plenty of water goes without saying. During the training sessions
try eating a gel, bar or banana during training sessions. Not everyone tolerates food during
food during exercise equally well. Salt tablets and magnesium can help against cramps.
A lack of water can also lead to cramps.

Avoid mental stress before the competition by thinking days or weeks beforehand about how you will react.
days or weeks before the race. Where to pick up your race number
where to pick up your race number, where the transition area or swim start is and so on. Plan
enough time for picking up your race number, bike check-in and warm-up. The better prepared you are
prepared, the less nervous you will be. If you do get nervous, find a system
find a system to calm down and focus (e.g. listen to motivating music).

Besides good training preparation and the right nutrition, the third component for a successful
third component for a successful participation. Whether neoprene, bike or running shoes.
Check your material in good time to see if it can hinder your participation in any way.

Always attach it to your left foot so that it does not get tangled with your crank or fall off.

Only use tried and tested equipment at the competition. This applies to the material, the race tactics and the nutrition.
to nutrition. Don’t do any tests, then nothing can go wrong.

Come refreshed to the start, there is no reason to do really hard training in the last days before the race. Arrive at your starting block on time.
Find a place in the field where you feel comfortable. For rookies, we recommend standing at the back and rather on the edge. This will help you find your rhythm. Never go too fast into the race, you might regret it at the end. Rather, try to turn up the pace in the second part of the race.
In the last few hundred metres on the bike course, slow down and try to loosen up your legs  and drink a little more. You will thank yourself on the run.