The climate crisis is worsening and climate protection is more important than ever before!

As triathletes, nature and the environment are very important to us and we want to ensure that they are preserved as well as possible in the future. That is why we have defined sustainability as one of our core values and incorporate it into our daily work. We try to make as many of the right decisions as possible and take the necessary measures to achieve this, because not organising a triathlon is not an option for us either.

All unavoidable CO₂ emissions generated in connection with the Zurich City Triathlon are 100% offset via a sustainability project.

Our sustainability partner First Climate provides us with support and all-round assistance.



We calculate and are aware of our CO2 footprint.



We are taking measures to ensure that the carbon footprint of the Zurich City Triathlon 2023 is smaller than at the first event.
We compensate for all unavoidable residual emissions generated in connection with the Zurich City Triathlon 2023.
We are taking further conceptual measures to further reduce the carbon footprint.



We will offset all unavoidable residual emissions that will arise in connection with the Zurich City Triathlon 2024.



Local Suppliers & Partners

Most emissions are transport-related. Where the required products come from plays an important role here. That is why we select our suppliers carefully and according to the criterion “as close as possible”: Whenever possible, we work with suppliers from Zurich or the region, but in any case with companies from Switzerland. In this way, we avoid long delivery routes and promote local business in addition to climate protection. At the same time, we make sure that the products supplied to us are as environmentally friendly as possible. It is also important to us that our partners embody the same values as we do in terms of sustainability.

No Finisher Gifts & Starter Bags

At sporting events, it is common for gifts to be distributed to participants. However, due to the large number of gifts required, it is almost impossible for organisers to have them produced in Switzerland. For this reason, many event organisers opt for cheap goods from Asia. With this in mind, we have decided not to offer any gifts, but to ask participants about their gift requirements. If they decide in favour of a t-shirt, they may pay extra, but they can be sure that it has been produced fairly and sustainably.

Arrival & Departure

We are aware that a triathlon can become a battle of equipment and that this is easiest to manage with a vehicle. As over 80% of all participants live in the Zurich area, we recommend travelling by public transport or directly by bike.

As we do not want to create any incentives for travelling to or from the event by car, there are no parking spaces available.


The following environmental report provides an overview of all the measures taken as well as a statement with explanations.

If you have any ideas on how we can save further emissions, we would be delighted to receive your email at