Statement Participant Survey

Statement Participant Survey

We would like to thank the almost 1500 participants for completing our survey. The gender ratio of participation was 30% women and 70% men. The most represented age groups are those between 26-35 and 36-45 years, accounting for about 65% of all surveys. For us organisers, the evaluation is meaningful for the reasons mentioned above.

First and foremost, our goal was to bring the sport of triathlon back to Zurich, to host a worthy successor event to the 5150 Zurich Triathlon (IRONMAN) and to create great experiences and fond memories in the process. We believe that we have largely achieved this goal. However, we are well aware that not every cog has clicked yet and that we still have a lot of work to do despite the mostly positive feedback. We probably have the highest expectations of ourselves and are working tirelessly and with a lot of passion on the Zurich City Triathlon Concept 2023.

We take the answers very seriously and will also incorporate them into next year’s concept. For this reason, we would like to comment briefly on some of the points of criticism on the basis of their weighting and importance.

Entry fees

We are aware that our entry fees are higher than those of other triathlon events. The reason for this is probably the venue, Zurich. It is obvious that a field outside of Switzerland’s largest city costs less. An event in the heart of Zurich is much more expensive from an organisational point of view because, for example, public transport has to be diverted, crowd management has to be taken care of, security costs for barriers, barriers, diversions, but also the many helpers needed for such a big event want compensation, a shirt and food. But our desire for more sustainability also made it more expensive. We didn’t want to simply produce thousands of finisher prizes that nobody wants and then end up in the waste. With the medals, shirts and towel bags as an additional option, only what was actually wanted was ordered. Apart from the fact that energy, production and delivery costs are going crazy at the moment, it is our financial goal to remain in the black for year 2. We therefore ask for your understanding for our price structure. Early registrations (until 31.12.) are up to CHF 40.- cheaper than last minute registrations, so there is also the option to register for a lower entry fee.

Finisher prices

Thanks to the additional option for finisher prices (choice between medal, finisher shirt and towel bag), the price constellation and your survey answers, we now know better what you want to have included in the entry fee. The result is that we will include the still popular finisher medal (with >60% popularity) in the entry fee. The medal can still be actively deselected and the equivalent value will be donated to the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation for young athletes. The finisher’s shirt is still available as an optional extra. The towel bag was only a gift in 2022 because, as mentioned earlier, neither the medal nor the shirt was included and we still wanted to give something away. This will be replaced with the medal in 2023 as already mentioned.


Flat or undulating course, circuit or no laps – opinions could not be more different. Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy all personal preferences and tastes, especially as we do not have much room for manoeuvre in Zurich. However, we are committed to attractive courses and more safety on the courses and are working at full speed on the course concept and approval for 2023. As soon as we can communicate something binding, this will be published via the official channels.


As already mentioned in the section on the course, we are working on a new course concept with the aim of ensuring even better course safety. For example, participants will have more space on the bike course and the potential for crowds will be reduced, or passers-by will only be able to cross the course at selected points. The safety of the participants is our top priority.

Competition catering

There was a request for more refreshment points, especially in hot weather. We are happy to comply with this request. We will also expand the catering at the finish line and add cool drinks and something to nibble on so that you can regain your energy and strength more quickly.


Some would like to start earlier, others later. With over 3000 participants, it will be impossible to accommodate every preference. We are revising the schedule, with the main focus on not having too many athletes on the course at the same time, avoiding queues at bike check-ins and, of course, ensuring that all competitions have space next to each other.

Once again, we would like to thank all participants for their trust. Constructive feedback will help us to make your participation in the Zurich City Triathlon 2023 unforgettable and thoroughly positive. We would be very happy to see you, your family and friends again on the starting line and on the Landiwiese on 25 June 2023.


Sincerely yours,

Daniel Andreolla               Nina Wüst
Managing Director           Project Manager Zurich City Triathlon