Teams from companies compete against each other in the categories women, men and mixed and decide among themselves the title "the fittest company in Switzerland". Whether there are 1 or 100 teams, every company has the chance to be awarded a trophy for the office. However, the title of "the fittest company in Switzerland" will only be awarded once. With your own company tent, catering and team shirts, we put together individual company packages with our partners and turn the company triathlon into a highlight for your company.

3 disciplines - 1 team


The two distances (Olympic / Sprint) can be completed in the three categories women, men or mixed.


750 m or 1.5 km


20 km or 40 km


5 km or 10 km

Company ranking


The fittest company in Switzerland” is the company with the most successful teams on average. This is calculated from the average ranking within the corresponding category (women, men, mixed), which is divided by the relevant factor times the number of teams. The lower the resulting value, the higher the ranking in the final ranking list. From 3 teams upwards, there is a percentage deduction from the sum of the rankings. This runs linearly from 3 to 9 teams. From the 10th team onwards, there will be a larger deduction for each additional 10th team.


Only companies with three or more teams are included in this ranking. There must be at least one female, one male and one mixed team. The composition of all other teams is freely selectable. Companies that have already registered teams can subsequently adjust the composition of their teams or register additional teams. Please send any changes to the team members to The winning company will receive the challenge cup and the title “the fittest company in Switzerland 2022”.

The company event with a guaranteed positive effect for the company!

The company triathlon promotes the atmosphere within companies and makes everyone seem equal for a short moment, regardless of title or level.


+ Motivation of the employees

+ Team Spirit

+ Loyalty and togetherness

+ Health promotion

+ Resilience and mental strength

+ Fun & variety from everyday business life

Entry fees


Starting places 1 to 80:     CHF 178.-

Starting places 81 to 250:     CHF 196.-

Starting places 251 to 330:     CHF 216.-

Starting places 1 to 80:     CHF 218.-

Starting places 81 to 170:     CHF 239.-

Starting places 171 to 250:     CHF 263.-



Companies that qualify for the company ranking (see section THE FITTEST COMPANY IN SWITZERLAND) additionally participate in the company ranking for “The fittest company in Switzerland”. They will therefore be evaluated in the team categories and in the company triathlon.

Company package


Company tent

A company tent provides your employees with a common meeting place, retreat, material depot and the opportunity for your own company event at the Zurich City Triathlon. The tent can be used and branded individually.

Firmenzelt Zurich City Triathlon
Felfel Food


Through our catering partner, we ensure that your participants, teams and supporters are catered for exclusively, optimally and with delicacies.

Team clothing

Increase your team spirit and make your company visible to outsiders with individual, high-quality and functional team clothing.


Together with our partner we offer shirts (as well as bike jerseys) in different cuts and colours. The shirts can be individually designed.

Deloitte Firmentriathlon

Please send us your request directly via the contact form so that we have all the relevant information directly.

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer tailored to your wishes.


Olympic distance


1 lap of 1.5 km in the clear and warm Zürichsee (blue)


2 laps of 20 km on the flat circuit (green)


2 laps of 5 km around the Zürichsee (red)

FOR: Rookies, PB-Chasers and everyone who wants to have fun

Sprint distance


1 lap of 0.75 km in the clear and warm Zürichsee (blue)


1 lap of 20 km on the flat circuit (green)


1 lap of 5 km around the Zürichsee (red)

FOR: Rookies, PB-Chasers and everyone who wants to have fun


(Subject to change)

Start Olympic Team
  • 14:00
  • Saffainsel

Start Olympic Team

Start Sprint Team
  • 15:00
  • Saffainsel

Start Sprint Team

Subject to change

Registration conditions

  • Competitors in the Olympic distance must be at least born in 2006.
  • Competitors in the sprint distance must be at least born in 2008.
  • The company must be based in Switzerland.
  • A team must consist of 3 members.
  • All team members must work for the same company or group of companies at the time of the competition and be in possession of an employment contract. Companies also include administrations, companies under public law, political parties and associations.
  • Additional rules apply for the evaluation of “the fittest company in Switzerland”.
  • Each team member completes only one discipline. Individual disciplines (swimming, cycling, running) cannot be split up. The number of participants is limited and based on the date of registration (incl. payment of entry fee). Early registration is recommended.