Registration for 2023 open

Registration for 2023 open

Registration for the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2023 has officially opened today. On 25 June 2023, it will once again be time for over 3000 participants: Swim, Bike and Run in the heart of Zurich. You too can be there when the Landiwiese is once again transformed into the triathlon Mecca of Switzerland.

We have taken the participants’ survey very seriously and have incorporated your feedback directly into the organisation for 2023. You can find a statement on our website (on the start page at the bottom).

The amount of the entry fee sometimes led to discussions and incomprehension this year. In general, if you register earlier, you can register up to CHF 40 cheaper (the first entry fee increase will be on 1.1.2023). So the decision how much you want to pay is entirely up to you. The finisher medal is now included in the entry fee and we can also offer the cancellation insurance at a lower price due to a new partnership. A comprehensive explanation or correction is also included in the statement.

The new course concept is currently still in the approval process, therefore the course and schedule information on the website is still adapted from the 2022 event. They are therefore subject to change.

All those who had to wait so long for their Zc3-Towelbag will receive the cancellation insurance as a small compensation (the voucher code will be delivered with the Zc3-Towelbag).

We would be very happy to see you, your family and friends again next year on the weekend of 24-25 June 2023 at the Landiwiese.

Regards, your Zc3 Team