Official media release 01.02.2023

Official media release 01.02.2023

The Zurich City Triathlon is the first triathlon in Switzerland to offset all CO2 emissions and bring the Swiss Championships to Zurich in 2023.


After the successful premiere of the Zurich City Triathlon in 2022, the organizer will compensate all CO2 emissions at the 2nd edition and at the same time host the Swiss Championships. The bike course will now run from the Landiwiese along the Zurich lake basin to Küsnacht. Almost 4,000 participants and around 10,000 spectators are expected on Sunday, June 25, 2023.



After the organizer of the Zurich City Triathlon already attached great importance to sustainability at last year’s premiere and avoided climate-damaging products as much as possible and minimized waste, this year the organizer is going one step further. Thanks to the new partnership with First Climate, one of the leading providers of climate protection solutions, it will be possible to identify where greenhouse gas emissions are generated and how they can be reduced from event year to event year. The remaining unavoidable emissions will be offset via a climate protection project from First Climate’s portfolio.



Swiss Triathlon awards the 2023 Swiss Championships in the Elite (Youth and National League) to Zurich City Triathlon. This means that for the first time, national championships will be held in the city of Zurich over the sprint distance for the elite as well as in the youth division. The award did not come by chance. The new Zurich event format has proven itself and the organizer has made best advertisement for itself, Zurich and the triathlon with new standards. Zurich has always been a stronghold of triathlon. Triathlon greats such as Nicola Spirig, Jan van Berkel, Ronnie Schildknecht or Ruedi Wild come from the Zurich metropolitan area. This brings the organizer, the city of Zurich and the association a big step closer to the goal of putting Zurich back on the international “triathlon radar”.



As the name Zurich City Triathlon suggests, the venue and courses are on city of Zurich soil. Only the bike course now goes beyond the city limits, along the lake to Küsnacht. The changes are to be understood as optimizations. On the one hand, the organizer wants to minimize the restrictions and stress for residents and the population, on the other hand, the safety of the course should be optimized and the participants’ experience improved.




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