Statement of the Participation Survey

Statement of the Participation Survey

We would like to express our sincere thanks to nearly 1700 participants for completing the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2023 survey. The gender ratio of participation was 43% female and 57% male. The most represented age group is the one between 26 and 35 years old. It accounts for about 37% of all surveys (the other age groups are equally divided with about 20%). For us as organizers, the results of the survey are therefore meaningful.

After the first edition in 2022, where our main goal was to bring the sport of triathlon back to Zurich, the focus for the 2nd edition was to implement optimizations and improvements. For the most part, we succeeded in doing so. This is shown by the extremely positive feedback and survey results for the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2023. Also for us as organizers, it was nice to see that compared to last year, many processes have already run more smoothly and the measures taken have been effective.

However, not everything was perfect and we would like to address these points in order to improve continuously. Certain points were rightly criticized, and we will work on these to be able to offer an even better experience in 2024. We probably have the highest demands on ourselves and work tirelessly and with a lot of heart and soul for the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON. We let the answers of the participant survey flow directly into the event planning for the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2024. Due to the weighting and importance, we would like to comment on some additional points of criticism here:


Due to the surprisingly high demand, we have subsequently (in spring 2023) recalculated the absolute capacity limit and allowed additional starting places for the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2023. The fact that we will already be sold out for the second edition came as a total surprise. We are glad not to have exhausted this calculated upper limit. The result of the survey around the athlete density on the track has confirmed our opinion.

Since the approved period for the road closures is set and an extension is not possible, we see ourselves forced to reduce the starting places at the 2024 event. On the one hand we will do without a pro race (with drafting). On the other hand, we will make changes to the starting times, which will reduce the density of athletes on the course.


The unmissable queue in front of the bike check-in on Sunday morning and shortly after noon has probably been noticed by everyone. We tried to improve the situation with spontaneous measures (free drinks, giving priority to the appropriate categories, etc.) and to make sure that no athlete would miss his/her start.

In order to avoid long waiting times next year, new times will be set for check-in/check-out. Also more check-in lanes will be available and a track crossing at the transition area entrance should be avoided (depending on permits).


We are aware that our entry fees are higher than those of other triathlon events. The main reason for this is the venue in Zurich. An event in the heart of Switzerland’s largest city brings with it costs that are not incurred, or are significantly lower, at an event in a more rural region. These are mainly costs in the area of security (e.g. for ambulance, security personnel, barriers, signalization & detour), but also the many helpers, which are needed for an event of this size, receive compensation, equipment and food. In addition, there are high costs for the rental of public space or space rental. In order to meet the comparatively high entry fee, we have included the finisher medal 2023 in the entry fee and waived the license requirement, which makes the effective price of the entry fee comparatively cheaper.


We are currently working on smaller course optimizations that will ensure even better course safety. By adjusting the starting blocks, starting times and a course with a better race flow, more space should be available for each athlete. This also brings the advantage that crossings of the course can be better ensured for passers-by. The safety of the participants is our top priority. We will continue to expand our cooperation with a professional security service.

We would like to thank all participants for their trust. The constructive feedback brings us further, so that the participation at the ZURICH CITY TRIATHLON 2024 will be unforgettable.

We would be very happy to meet you and your friends again at the start line and on the Landiwiese on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Daniel Andreolla                     Nina Wüst

Geschäftsführer                     Projektleiterin Zurich City Triathlon